Almond Butter Biscuits

April 16th, 2009


One of my favourite memories of foods growing up is these almond butter biscuits. I remember getting a few at the beginning of every school year and always wanting more and requesting them throughout the year.

Melt in your mouth Heaven… with a bit of crunch from the almonds dusted in sweet icing sugar. The icing sugar can be a bit of a mess when eating, especially over black clothes, although this is a small price to pay for something so good.

Almond Butter Biscuits

Makes around 50 biscuits

8oz (250g) butter or margarine (I use salted butter)
3 tablespoons castor sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
½ teaspoon salt
2 cups plain flour
¾ cup chopped blanched almonds or slivered almonds
1/2 – 1 cup icing sugar or mixture

Cream butter with sugar and vanilla until light and fluffy.


Sift flour and salt together and blend into creamed mixture then stir in almonds (make mixture just stiff enough to be able to roll it into balls in hand i.e. add a little more flour if necessary).


Place in balls the size of walnuts or in crescent shapes on an ungreased tray.


Bake in moderate oven (180°C/350°F) for 15 minutes. Remove from tray and cool slightly. Roll in icing sugar. (Sift icing sugar on the bottom of the biscuits first then on the top)






  1. I have really fond memories of these biscuits. One of my friends was Greek and her mum made these all the time. They were so good! Thanks for sharing the recipe-yours look perfect!

  2. Beta Gal says:

    These biscuits are a favourite of mine as well!

  3. oh yum. I love these biscuits, especially with a nice cup of coffee. Helps counteract all that sugar. hmmm…yummmm!

  4. I agree – dusty clothes is a small price to pay for a tasty biscuit 🙂

  5. Oh yum these look great! Butter biscuits are something I adore…throw in almonds and I’m putty in your hands 😀

  6. Belle says:

    These biscuits are such a classic, and yours look wonderful. Obvious question, but how did you get the crescent shape – just roll them?

  7. Anita says:

    Hi everyone

    I’m glad everyone else loves these biscuits. I’m not sure of the origins of this recipe, but have seen a Greek recipe which I want to give a go and compare it to.

    Hi Belle – yep, I just roll them into a log shape (like the ones on the other tray – except maybe a little longer) then just push the edges together slightly and they will stay and cook in that shape. My mum is better at making the crescents, but I’m getting a bit better and the icing sugar covers them up anyway 🙂

  8. Anita – PERFECT. I love these biscuits, too. I think there are a few variations around from different countries. They seem to have similar ingredients and techniques but just different shapes, e.g. Mexican Wedding Cookies. My favourite part is the tossing in icing sugar. Always fun. 🙂

  9. Tina says:

    Oh my – these are my absolute favourites! I didn’t realise they were so easy to make. Off to the supermarket for almonds tomorrow…!
    (and by the way, choc brownies are a very close second favourite of mine!)

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