Dessert Table

Baby Shower Dessert Table

Monday, June 8th, 2015

It seems forever ago now, but I still wanted to share my baby shower photos with everyone. My family went to such a great effort to make my baby shower dessert table… and yes, even though it was my baby shower I just had to make some cakes! This was my chance to decorate a couple of cakes, using the ruffle icing technique, my new fondness of sugar flowers and some sugar baby related decorations.

First up, I made a chocolate Guinness cake (in advance, and froze the cake). On the day I decorated it with cream cheese frosting ruffles! and the first peony I managed to make at home, in a beautiful coral colour (I’m loving everything coral!)
Here are two great tutorials on how to create the ruffle cake:
tutorial 1
tutorial 2

Next up, this was as close to decorating in fondant that I get (coming from a family who doesn’t really enjoy fondant that much). I made the baby carriages and horses out of sugar paste in advance, and stuck them on the Vienna cream icing. Unfortunately they became quite soft reasonably soon after being placed on the cake. I ordered my cookie cutters from here.

Mum’s lovely almond butter biscuits, easy to make the day before.

Cupcakes and tiny teddies decorated with pink and blue mm’s.

Caramel slice, chocolate mousse and red velvet cupcakes.

Armenian nutmeg cake and chocolate brownies.

Pink Dessert Table

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

For quite a while now I have wanted to make a dessert table, but that much sweet food is too much for even my family, so I had to wait until we had a party at our place.

I was very fortunate to receive some lovely lolly jars as presents for my birthday last year, as I had pointed out how much I adored them. I also received the very pretty pink pom-poms, which required a bit more work than I had anticipated – and required a few nights to make (only because I got a little bored, and they made a bit too much noise to assemble whilst watching TV).

I could also use my beautiful wedding present crystal cake stand, with matching knife and server.

Due to the number of things I wanted on my table, I planned ahead, firstly making two double batches of ice cream, one strawberry and the other pavlova flavoured.

Brownies and Almond Butter biscuits were made the Friday before.

The Carrot Cake was made the day before, and piped on the day with double cream cheese frosting, using some of the piping taught at the recent cake decorating class I attended.

The macarons were also made the day prior and placed in the fridge, as the filling wasn’t setting.

I made the fruit salad in the morning, as I needed to make sure there was something healthy on the table, considering I had filled other containers with marshmallows, musk sticks, jaffas, and any other red, pink or white lolly.

Very happy with how it all turned out, although it seemed I may not have catered enough – I guess I will need to make more for my next one!! 🙂

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