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Cute Owl Cake

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

I just had to share pics of this cute owl cake we made this weekend. It was for my sister’s birthday, although is probably more suitable for a child’s cake.

Mum was making two round cakes, so I designed the cake to suit what was being made.

I had so much fun – and I think it’s so cute, I just want to design more cute cakes 🙂

How to make the Owl Cake

You will need:
2 x 22cm round cakes, cooled – these can be vanilla or chocolate or any cake that would work well with chocolate and vanilla icing – you can use 20cm or 24cm cakes if that is all you have
chocolate and vanilla icing
black and orange food colouring
a sharp knife
a large board for the cake
a chopping board
bowls for the icing
greaseproof paper for the design

Firstly I designed the owl cake on greaseproof paper. Draw two 22cm circles (drawing around your cake tin) intersecting half way. Draw on the ears, eyes, beak, wings, belly and feet. Once you’re happy, go over the outline (plus eyes, beak and belly).

Next, you’ll need to draw one 22cm circle on a separate piece of grease proof paper. Draw out everything that does not fit in the circle which will be used for the belly (the head, ears, feet, and half wings). Make sure this all fits in the circle, as this will be used to cut out pieces of cake. Cut out the shapes. Make sure that both wings are the same size, as well as the ears and feet. If not, just use one template and reverse it for the other side when cutting out the cake.

Place cut out templates on one cake and cut carefully with a sharp knife around the shapes.

Place the cut of pieces of cake around the full cake to make the owl. Make sure this is on a nice serving board.

Draw the eyes, pupils, full wings, beak and belly onto greaseproof paper. (Only one eye and wing is required, as these can be reversed for the other side). Make sure your belly is round by drawing a rough circle, then folding it in half, in half again and again, until you get you get a wedge. Cut a curve in the paper to make the circle.

Place templates on cake and using a toothpick or cake tester go around each template so you can see where you need to apply the icing.

Attach the extra pieces of cake to the round cake with some icing. Cover most of the owl in chocolate icing. Mix some chocolate and some vanilla icing together for the wings. Use vanilla icing for the belly and eyes, and colour some chocolate icing black for the pupils of the eyes and the vanilla icing orange for the beak. Enjoy!