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March 2nd, 2009

Keeping in theme with bridal accessories, I must also show the other lovely accessories we included for our wedding. Much thought went into each piece of detail and it was worth it in the end!

I love my wedding dress. It was the first one I tried on, and after trying another 50 or so (no I’m not kidding, it really was around 50). I went back to where I originally tried on the dress and ordered it. Well, that’s the shortened version…

My lovely Wedding Dress

My lovely Wedding Dress

Long Version (only those who dare, read the next very long paragraph… otherwise skip it – although you may get a bit of a laugh)
I needed length added to the dress when it was being made, so I needed to find shoes so they knew the exact amount to add. Shoes were one of the most difficult things to find and after days of shopping and nerves about finding a pair that were comfortable, not too tall, heel not too thin etc, we eventually found pairs that had similar shoes for the bridesmaids. After going to the trouble of getting grips on the bottom of the shoes (so I wouldn’t slip if it was raining or on the dance floor), I tried on the shoes for our dance lessons…. Squeak, squeak, squeak – how on earth could my shoes be squeaking?? “Keep wearing them, you’ll wear the squeak out” Many people said to me….. no….. that didn’t work…. So off to the shops (again) I went to buy the same pair of shoes. They only had half a size bigger (and not as perfect looking as the first pair)… oh well…. At least they didn’t squeak while going down the aisle.
It worked out in the end.

Back to the dress, after the diversion onto shoes, the dress is a long lace gown in ivory with a beautiful, reasonable sized train. I had lace cap sleeves to match the lace on the dress, and there were a few sweeps of lace to the side of the dress with detail throughout. It was bought from Peter Trends Bridal Original in Roseville (and I must say the ladies there are extremely friendly and helpful… a lot nicer and not at all pushy like some of the bridal boutiques I went to).

Jewellery and Hair:
I bought my earrings and hair piece from Peter Trends as well. It all went beautifully together (I didn’t have a necklace, as I thought the cap sleeves and largish earrings would be enough).

Hair and Jewelry

Hair and Jewelry

I had a trial done for my hair for my Hen’s night (and I would definitely recommend having a trial done). After trying out heated rolls, and my hair not holding them, the hair dresser decided to use the GHD to curl all my hair, and I have long hair. This kept quite well, as well as can be expected for 14 hours or so. How I wish to have a team like the celebrities, who would redo my hair and makeup every ½ hour. :o) I got my hair done at Infinity Hair Designs, close to where I was getting ready for the big day.

My makeup artist was another person who I stole from my sisters wedding (we also copied her photographer, videographer and car place… oh and hair dresser). Kay is lovely, someone who is friendly and who you want to have around you on the morning of your wedding day. She does great makeup, which looks lovely in photos as well as the makeup looking great on the day too.

When choosing cars, we looked around at prices quite a bit and ended up going with the same people who my sister went with – Parkers Wedding Cars. When I went into the shed with the cars, I instantly pointed out and said – “I want that one”. Surprised… Nick said “Do you have two” “Yes”, “Great we’ll have both of them”.
I think I was one of the quickest people to choose the cars – they were 2 white Rolls Royce’s.

White Rolls Royce

White Rolls Royce

Sand pouring Ceremony:
This was a pretty ceremony my mum heard about from a friend of hers, who’s son was suggested it by his celebrant. It’s a ceremony that is a little different to the unity candle and rose ceremonies. Two containers (or more if you want to include parents or children) are used to show the combining of two lives and/or families.

Sand Pouring Ceremony

Sand Pouring Ceremony

We bought black and white sand from a place online, and the containers from Flaschengeist (a liqueur and oil seller). We had the final bottle for the sand engraved with our names and the date of our wedding. We included both our mothers to represent our respective families. And although some sand got stuck (and I accidentally spilled a little on the table) it all went well, and we now have a beautiful keepsake.

Brad Young

Wedding Dress, Bridesmaids Dresses, Hair piece and earrings:
Peter Trends
98 Pacific Highway
Roseville NSW 2069
02 9416 4120

Parkers Wedding Cars

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  1. I really love looking at people’s wedding photos and yours are divine. I love your dress and the hair accessory too! 🙂

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