Sydney Daring Bakers Meet-up at NewsCaf

October 1st, 2009


I really enjoyed meeting up with a group of the Daring Bakers in Sydney a couple weekends ago. Audax organised a lunch, which was attended by many bloggers, many of whom I hadn’t met and some that I had. All the bloggers were friendly and knowledgeable, and we shared many stories about baking, the Daring Bakers challenges we’ve had in the past and ones we expect might arise in the future. We also discussed books, restaurants and who the lucky people are who get all the lovely food we make for the challenges and our blogs. It was great talking with like-minded baking enthusiasts, and I would love to meet up again.

We went to NewsCaf in Newtown for a hearty lunch. I had been contemplating having a croissant for lunch, but after seeing pancakes on the menu (I do love my pancakes), my decision was made. I was also looking forward to some pear nectar, as I thought that would be nice and refreshing, although there was none available. So I decided on the Wildberry Frappe. The frappe was nice and fruity, with a slightly sweet flavour and overall strong berry flavour.


When my pancakes came out, I was impressed with the generosity of toppings. The two pancakes were covered in a mound of blueberries, strawberries, banana, ricotta and maple syrup. The flavours worked very well together. I love ricotta with pancakes, and the bananas and tartness of the berries complemented the sweet maple syrup well. The only thing I could have asked for to improve it, may have been a touch more maple syrup – I tend to have quite a bit on pancakes.


Everyone else’s meals also looked very generous. Bacon and egg rolls, croissants, eggs benedict’s and French toast were some of the other meals ordered.



Thanks again to Audax for organising the meet up. It was great to finally meet you and many other enthusiastic Daring Bakers.


Here’s a list of the Daring Bakers who attended:

Audax @ Audax Artifex

Karen @ Citrus and Candy

Steph @ Raspberri Cupcakes

Lucy @ Lucy Cooks

Lexi and Biff @ Fat Little Dumplings

Lisa @ Spicy Ice cream

Kim @ All Consuming Food

Trissa @ Trissalicious

267 King St
Newtown 2042 NSW
Phone: (02) 9565 1951


  1. Aww such a shame I missed it! I would have loved meeting up with you and the others. Looks like you had a great meal and the serving of blueberries etc is very generous (but a little pot of extra real maple syrup never goes astray 😉 )

  2. Beta Gal says:

    Looks like you all had a nice time. Serving sizes appear to be very generous, will have to go there some time.

  3. shez says:

    Gosh! I wish I could have been there! Those pancakes do look an absolute treat – and I’m a big sucker for extra maple syrup too!

  4. Trissa says:

    It was great to meet you Anita! We should plan these things more often! On another note, your vol au vents looks absolutely amazing!

  5. Looks like so much fun. Giant servings, my partner would have been so happy with a big plate of eggs!

  6. Cakelaw says:

    This sounds like it was fun – and I love the look of your pancakes. I was keen to attend if I could, but I had a non-negotiable family commitment the same weekend. I’m hoping another will be organised so I can attend!

  7. sophia says:

    What a great meetup! I think brunch is the BEST thing to have in such events…such homey, simple, no-snobbiness comfort food!

  8. That’s so funny you got a berry frappe. I had a craving today for a berry frappe. Just walked down to boost juice and settled for a berry sport smoothie. Last weekend I went to Bill’s for the first time and got his pancakes. Yours look just as good. So bummed I missed this meetup. Hopefully I can make the next one. Would love to meet everyone.

  9. wow, I would not have known those were pancakes! the topping is so generous it totally dwarfs the pancakes!! But hey if it tastes good bring it on hey?

  10. So bummed I didn’t make it (must have been a different Kim)!

    Would love to know if/when it’s happening again as it’d be great to meet some other food bloggers in Sydney.

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