Summer Layer Cake – based on Iced Vovo biscuit

April 22nd, 2012

When asked to make this cake for an important birthday of my Sis, I said, of course I will make you that cake. Anything you like. 🙂

What better than a request for something that looked and sounded amazing. This Summer layer cake is on the front of the Delicious magazine February 2012. Hopefully the recipe will come up on Taste later, so keep your eyes out for it, if you don’t have a copy of the magazine.

Does my cake look as good? no… but it sure tasted lovely.

When I started this recipe, I saw it required two 20cm round tins. I thought, two 22cm tins should be fine right? Whenever I use a slightly smaller or bigger tin for other recipes they turn out fine, why would this be any different? Wrong… I put the mixture into the two tins, and thought it was a little thin, and then thought it would rise during baking, wrong again. Once they came out of the oven the cakes were way too thin to split, and it would have looked quite funny being a short cake with just two layers.

So I decided to make another two cakes, the night was getting quite late, although I needed to get all the layers made and the mousse made, and assembled so it could set in the fridge overnight. Once the two extra cakes were made, I was quite tired, and didn’t bother slicing the tops to make them even (as they hadn’t risen much and looked reasonably even) – another mistake. Oh well – I assembled it all and placed it in the fridge overnight.

Soon before serving I made the Italian meringue to go on top, and it turned out beautifully. All in all the cake was quite tall and I was quite proud of it. There were some downsides to my unexpected changes, like the larger cake to mousse ratio (the mousse was a lovely flavour and texture, and this was a little lost with the amount of cake there was). Although I think my sister appreciated the effort and taste.

I think I should go and buy myself some 20cm tins, don’t you?

I don’t think the recipe has made it’s way on to Taste’s website, but it has been posted on the Add Four Sisters website.


  1. Beta Gal says:

    Beautiful job on the cake, it looks scrumptious. Also, happy birthday to your sister 🙂

  2. Gorgeous layers 😀 What a lucky sister you have haha

  3. My mouth is simply watering when checkign out this cake. I am going to HAVE to bake it ASAP! Joining your blog after finding you through googling steamed pudding recipes. Love your work!

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