Gordon Ramsay, the MasterChef Judges and The Good Food and Wine Show 3-5 July 2009

July 5th, 2009


Now some would say that counting down the days to buy tickets in the pre-booking period and calling your husband panicking 30 minutes before the lines open 6 months, 6 days and 1 hour before an event might be considered a little…. Let’s say… obsessive…


I would be one to agree with that view.

But it did not stop me late January making sure I did not miss out – as this is the first famous person I’ve met (that I can remember) and the first Good Food and Wine Show I’ve been to. Last year I was too busy and the year before that was the first time I’d really heard much about the show.


Gordon Ramsay was very different to how he acts on his shows. He seems to be more like how you see or hear him in interviews. Quite nice, with the occasional rude joke and a little swearing (I don’t even recall him swearing… maybe once or twice – but I missed it, which is not such a bad thing).


He made (with help from another chef) Cod and Tomato Chowder, Glazed Salmon with Spinach and Radish Salad and for dessert Poached Pears in Mulled Wine – with the most fantastic smelling caramelized figs! Unfortunately I wasn’t picked to go up and taste test the dishes (two females and two males from the audience were chosen).


After the show, Gordon did a book signing and was absolutely lovely in person. He greeted Nick and I, giving me a kiss on the cheek and having a small conversion about who does the cooking in our house, baking and how it is a science and wishing us well. I was delighted with how it went and look forward to cooking some of the lovely dishes from his new book Healthy Appetite, which we got singed.




A Photo from Healthy Appetite: Vanilla pannacotta with blueberry sauce:


In between this show and the next, we went around the Good Food and Wine Show trying out new foods and a lot of wines. The foods on offer ranged from lovely chocolates in a variety of intriguing flavours, nougat, biscuits, cheese, olives, olive oil, cakes, ham and lovely dips.

I was lucky enough to find my way to The Biscuit Tree, where ChocolateSuze was chatting to Lili and was extremely generous is giving us a taste test of some of her lovely biscotti and shortbread. The only problem with this was trying to decide on which to buy. 🙂 We ended up choosing a lovely Cardamon & Pear Pistachio Biscotti. The flavours complement each other really well and don’t compare to anything you can buy in the shops. Nice to meet you finally Suze! 🙂


The wines on offer took up probably more than half the stalls, I decided to try and find a wine which I liked and since I don’t really like wine, Nick ended up with double the amount of wine he had asked for. I did find a couple which I liked though, so all-in-all with a lot of taste testing done – a few Muscato’s will be remembered and possibly bought in the future.

Moving on to the last show we saw before we left, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris (two of the judges from MasterChef) from the Boathouse and The Press Club respectively, were on stage making a lovely array of dishes including Jam filled Donuts. Matt Preston also made an appearance during their cooking, with Gary and George giving one of his cravats to an audience member. Matt made sure the oven and oil was at the right temperature, as he mentioned the day before it wasn’t checked which made some of the dishes not turn out as they should.



Gary and George were very entertaining, working very well together, with many good jokes throughout. Some of the contestants from MasterChef came on the stage, with the audience picking Poh to help them with the donuts.


I had seen George’s book The Press Club a while ago and had put it on my Birthday wish list. Although after hearing George was doing signings, I made sure I bought his book at the show and got it signed, so we’ll have to see if I have to wait till my birthday to get it, or whether it will be a present to myself 🙂 . George seemed surprised by the number of people at their show as it was more packed than the earlier Gordon Ramsay show (perhaps because it cost extra and was quite early in the morning).


Just looking through the photos in The Press Club is enjoyable, with each dish presented like a piece of art. I look forward to making some of these dishes, especially as I have a big love of Greek food – especially sweets.



Photo from The Press Club: Island of Chios Mastic Pannacotta, Greek Doughnuts:


All-in-all, I really enjoyed my first Good Food and Wine Show in Sydney. I would have liked a few more foods available to try and I also found the prices quite high on a lot of the food to eat there. The shows themselves were very enjoyable, more for the celebrities themselves than the actual cooking.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! 🙂 LOL is George sitting down or are you towering above him? Agree Gordon was so charming and doesn’t he has the most gorgeous eyes? *swoon*

  2. Cakelaw says:

    Looks like you both had a terrific time – love the photos!

  3. that’s great you got to meet the chefs. fantastic!

  4. Beta Gal says:

    Cool, you got to meet lots of celebs from the looks of things. That biscotti sounds delightful too, I had never thought about cardamon in biscotti, but it sounds intriguing. Glad you had such a good time on your first visit.

  5. Steph says:

    You did well, you got to meet so many chefs! Ooh I’m envious 🙂

  6. Ooh! You were another one who got to go for this! How exciting 🙂 I’m sure you enjoyed yourself!

  7. Two new cookbooks – you’re going to be a busy girl! Looks like you had a great day, and it’s so nice that the chefs were friendly.

  8. FFichiban says:

    Hee hee good work getting the autographs and meeting the chefs in person! And yeah is George sitting or standing hee hee?

  9. jasmine says:

    That panna cotta looks heavenly. Lucky you for attending–I’ve heard similar things about GR, from those who’ve met him…


  10. Sophia says:

    Oh man! I am so jealous! Gordon is my hero, despite his swearing on TV!

  11. what an awesome day out. Its always lovely to meet famous people and they are lovelier than you imagine. I look forward to seeing loads of press club and Gordon Ramsay inspired posts!

  12. You got some great shots with the celebrity chefs, lucky thing! And I agree that you’d go to the show as much for the celeb-spotting as for the food…

  13. Trisha says:

    It’s my first GF&WS too and I have to say I was very impressed with the food showcased and also with the loot I managed to get! 🙂 Fantastic celebrity chef opportunities you have there.

  14. Anita says:

    Hi Lorraine – Hehe… no George isn’t sitting down.. I’m just pretty tall 🙂 Gordon was absolutely lovely and had a sparkle to his eyes

    Hi Cakelaw – Thanks! We did have a fun day 🙂

    Hi Simon – It was heaps exciting!

    Hi Beta Gal – The biscotti was lovely… it’s already all eaten… mmmmm

    Hi Steph – Hehehe.. it was lots of fun

    Hi Alexandra – Sure did!

    Hi Arwen – I’m very excited to try some of the new recipes from their books… now to find the time… 😛

    Hi FFichiban – Yeah, he’s standing… and I don’t even have heels on…:P

    Hi Jasmine – I just realised I put 2 photos of pannacotta up…. whoops.. they both looked so nice!!!

    Hi Sophia – Yeah, he didn’t swear much at all…. maybe once…

    Hi Maria – They were both lovely than I had expected. I hope I can make some of the food for the books soon…

    Hi Belle – Thanks, I wish I had seen a few more celeb up close…

    Hi Trisha – Very cool. I wish I had bought some more food from there.. but our bags were already so heavy 🙂

  15. Rilsta says:

    Awesome photos of the day! You did well in taking photos of the chefs! You must be really tall or George is really short! 😛

  16. Foodlover says:

    aren’t the guys from masterchef great? met george and matt this monday and they were such nice people.
    i’m loving reading your blog – will try to get a bit more into baking too 🙂

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