Cadbury Bar of Plenty + Win Chocolate worth $50

September 8th, 2010

This post was sponsored by Nuffnang and Cadbury.

After recently joining Nuffnang, I was ecstatic to find my first sponsored post from them involved chocolate. If they were looking for someone who loves chocolate they found the right person. The week I was told about the project, I had already made and devoured three chocolate fondant puddings (trying to get the photography right – of course), so I think that proves I am a chocoholic! I even have a category in my sidebar dedicated to chocolate, for all those other chocolate fanatics.

What could be better than finishing off the week with two new chocolate bar flavours in Cadbury’s Bar of Plenty range? Well, I can tell you! One reader has the chance to win Cadbury Chocolate valued at $50 – see below for details.

When I heard about the two new flavours, I was convinced I was going to enjoy the roasted hazelnut and honey roast cashews and was interested to try the Berry fruit and vanilla shortcake, even though I often don’t like dried fruit with chocolate.

Summer berries and crunchy vanilla shortcake

Berry fruit and vanilla shortcake

I thought both flavours had a nice amount of nuts, shortcake and/or berries (depending on the bar) covered in milk chocolate. There certainly are plenty “bits” and they’re quite small and evenly distributed, so you’re sure to get a good amount in each square. The squares seem bigger than your average piece of a chocolate block, which suits me fine! I enjoyed the roasted hazelnut and cashews very much, as expected, but I also liked the sweet and flavoursome dried cranberries mixed in with the shortbread. Both flavour combinations worked very well with the chocolate.

Somehow I managed to save some to share with my family. They also enjoyed the new flavours, and some, like me, also liked the bigger pieces – who’s only going to eat just one square of the smaller pieces anyway?

Oven Roasted hazelnut and cashews gently flavoured with honey

Roasted hazelnut and honey roast cashews

I think either of them would be great chopped up on ice cream, although I didn’t get around to doing that – partly because we were lacking vanilla ice cream to have it with, and partly because we finished the block off too early!

This new range is available at most supermarkets.

To win $50 worth of Cadbury Chocolate just answer the following question in a comment at the end of this post.

Why are you in love with Chocolate?

And you could win 10 bars and 4 smaller blocks of chocolate from the Bar of Plenty range, Mint Bubbly, White Bubbly, Milk Chocolate, Top Deck and Chocolate Bubbly. Competition ends @ 5pm EST on 20 September 2010. See Terms and Conditions below

**Updated 21/09/10: The winner of this prize has been chosen. Nuggnuggs has won this lovely prize, and I hope it is well appreciated – it certainly sounds as though it will – please see below for the comments.

Terms & Conditions
Nuffnang competition – “Why are you in love with chocolate?”

1. Information on how to enter form part of these conditions. Entry into the competition constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

2. The name of the person conducting it (the promoters name, address and telephone number)
The competition will be conducted by Nuffnang Australia. Nuffnang Australia’s head office is located at 28 St Edmonds Road, Prahran VIC 3181. Please contact Nuffnang Australia via (03) 8517 2000 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (03) 8517 2000      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or

3. Eligibility requirements (including minimum age of participants)
Entrants must live in QLD, WA, ACT, NSW, TAS or VIC to be eligible. The winner will need provide Nuffnang with their contact details in order to be eligible. Participants must be aged 14 and over.

4. How to enter
To enter the competition:
* Participants need to leave a comment on the competition post published on one of the twenty blogs participating in the competition. These blogs are:

* The comment must answer the question “Why are you in love with chocolate?” The most creative and practical answer will be chosen as the winner.

5. Description and retail value of each of the prizes (including conditions, if any, relating to receiving, accepting or using the prizes)
The prize will be products worth up to $50.

6. Closing and drawing dates and time for the receipt of entries in the lottery
The competition closes on 5pm EST on 20 September 2010.

7. The place, date and time of the lottery draw
On Tuesday 21 September 2010, the blogger will choose their own winner and inform Nuffnang Australia.

8. The method used to decide prize winners
The winner will be the entry judged most creative and practical by the judges.

9. How prize winners will be notified (face-to-face, email, phone or mail)
The winner will be notified via the blog they used to enter the competition, and will be asked to provide their email and contact phone number at that time. If they do not respond to the comment within 48 hours, Nuffnang reserve the rights to select another winner.

10. How prizes will be awarded
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11. The method for claiming prizes (including requirement for entrants to be present at the draw)
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12. Whether results will be published and, if so, the way they will be published
The results will be published on the respective bloggers’ blogs and Twitter (if applicable). Nuffnang Australia also reserve the right to publish the results, including a photo of the winner, in the media.

13. Whether the prize will jackpot or be redrawn if the winning player is not present or does not claim/cannot be found (must keep for 3 months if unclaimed)
Nuffnang Australia will make all reasonable efforts to contact the prize winner. If the prize winner is uncontactable or does not respond to accept the prize within 48 hours of notification, another winner will be selected using the same judging process.

14. Who cannot participate
Nuffnang Australia’s business directors, management and employees, their immediate families, their retailers, suppliers, associated comapnies and agencies are ineligible.

15. Changes to Terms and Conditions
Nuffnang Australia reserves the right to change these terms and conditions. If any changes are made Nuffnang Australia will notify the public via its website.


  1. kelly says:

    I am in love with chocolate because it’s the little treats in life that make life the best to live, and having such a tempting array of tastes and textures now it is even easier to fall in love with

  2. Ian says:

    chocolate is a friend at any time of day or night, it always has my pleasure in mind.

  3. Shelley Martin says:

    Chocolate is also my best friend just like a diamond. it’s a simple pleasure that I occasionally indulge in to make my day complete

  4. nuggnuggs says:

    I’m in love with chocolate because it never fails to please. One taste melting in my mouth, I instantly close my eyes and reminisce all the good times. Chocolate is simply delicious!

  5. Not an entry because oops sorry to say this but I don’t really eat Cadbury chocolate but I did see the ad for this tonight! It’s quite a cute ad 😀

  6. I saw this and it is def true!

    A good man is a woman’s best friend. He will reassure her when she feels insecure and comfort her after a bad day.
    He will inspire her to do things she never thought she could do; to live without fear and forget regret. He will enable her to express her deepest emotions and give in to her most intimate desires. He will make sure she always feels as though she’s the most beautiful woman in the room and will enable her to be the most confident, sexy, seductive, and invincible…

    No wait… sorry… I’m thinking of chocolate.

    Chocolate is a woman’s best friend……;)

  7. Wow! I think I need to setup Nuffnang so I can get free chocolate. haha Yummm

    I love chocolate because you can savour the taste by sucking on it slowly or go crazy and eat a block before you realise what just happened. Chocolate makes me happy and sometimes it makes me feel naughty.

  8. I am in love with chocolate because chocolate soothes and calms and never breaks the heart.

  9. teresa says:

    i love chocalate because i have sweet memories as a child eating chocalate out of a jar with a spoon and having it explained to my mother wth a chocalate grin. My grandmother new about my addiction to chocalate…..:)

  10. Drizzled over rich desserts, sprinkled onto cakes,
    When it comes to chocolate I won’t take any fakes (this means you carob!)
    With hazelnuts or honeycomb, white or dark or milk,
    Picnic, full of crunchy nuts, or Lindt, smooth as silk!

    Truffles, mini chocolate treats, gone within one bite,
    After dinner mints, filled with fondant-y delight,
    Best of all’s a square of dark melting in the mouth,
    Improve on perfection? I don’t know how!

  11. Juliana says:

    Chocolate? I like chocolate…interestingly I can go days and days without it…while sometimes I just have a crave for it…Cadbury? I haven’t had Cadbury for ages 🙁

  12. trudie says:

    i love chocolate b/c it never lets you down. Always smooth and creamy and guaranteed to make you smile.

  13. Jazz says:

    It never disappoints, available whenever you need it, always tastes great and has a great package!

  14. Beck Hinshelwood says:

    I love chocolate because it always solves a problem, it never talks back and you can get it anywhere, anytime.

  15. Cheyne Ennis says:

    Chocolate not only gives me a relaxing high with the sensation of excitement and elation. I find dark chocolate really does it for me.

  16. Cath Kenny says:

    I love chocolate because chocolate loves me!

  17. Conor says:

    I love chocolate because chocolate is always there for you when no one else is it helps you through the day and night and always tastes sweet!

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