Mini Croquembouche, Belgian Chocolate Mouse Mille Feuille and Pear Bourdaloue (Frangipane Tart) – A Cooking Class at Patisse

August 22nd, 2010

After seeing the variety and large quantity of pastries brought in to work from a friend at work who had been to the pastry fundamentals cooking class at Patisse, I went eagerly online to check out the other courses available.

When I found the French Classics course, it was easy to find other food loving individuals who also wanted to attend. We organised a private group cooking class (6-12 people) and I found it really enjoyable going with people I knew, although am sure it would be great meeting new people at any of their organised classes.

All the staff were lovely, with the executive chef Vincent Gadan being our main teacher. Having worked as a Head Pastry Chef in many of the Michelin Star restaurants in France and Nice, as well Guillaume at Bennelong and other Australian restaurants, Vincent had many great stories, tips and recipes to share.

Although I had made a few items before (3 croquembouches, chocolate mousse and pastry) it was still quite informative. I learnt a few extra tips with all three recipes we made.

The course consisted of some individual hands on experience, along with Vincent showing many components (due to time restrictions – it’s amazing how fast the time goes).

Along with the cooking class, dinner is also served and we were each treated to a lovely pie, salad and some caramelised onion tart – all of which were lovely.

This is a great class for beginners and those with a bit of experience, who want to get a few more tips, ask questions of a professional or have a fun night out.


  1. Isabella says:

    Wow, they look amazing, did you make them all?
    Do they taste as good as they look?!!!!

  2. Karen Ng says:

    The mini croquembouche looks so cute!

  3. What a great idea to do a class with friends. I reckon it would be really fun. And the cakes look fantastic, did you make them all on the day?

  4. Ahh I didn’t realise that they did classes too. How fun! You did a great job Anita! 😀

  5. Nish says:

    I stumbled across your website when looking for a croquembouce recipe & it is truly amazing! I’m attempting it next weekend & feeling quite anxious about it. All your food looks delectable!!

  6. Barbara says:

    What fun, Anita! Your photos are making me drool. Your mini Croquembouche looks divine. Great work!

  7. These are so elegant and gorgeous ….. the course is definitely worth taking.. do they conduct the class in english too?

    Sawadee from bangkok,

  8. Wow, they all look superb! Got excited about the course, then saw in was in Sydney. Rats.

  9. Dan says:

    Oh this looks fabulous! So glad to see your post about the class, it looks fantastic! And all your creations look delish!

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