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Wedding Cake

Now the wedding cake deserves a blog all to itself, as although all the food at the wedding took a lot of preparation, the cake was amazing in every way.

When booking in our Reception venue, we were lucky enough to be there at the exact time that the lady who makes the included cakes in the wedding packages was dropping off a wedding cake. At this time, she also brought in a few muffins made out of the wedding cake mixture for the friendly staff at Cropley. With our co-ordinator raving on how great this particular flavour of cake was, Nick and I were lucky enough to be given a muffin to share. Once we tasted the muffin, we had decided on the flavour of our cake:

Ground Hazelnut and White Chocolate Wedding Cake

This is a bit different to many of the traditional wedding flavours out there, like fruit cake – which, being picky, I will not eat due to it being composed of a whole lot of dried fruits with a little cake mixture holding hands. Therefore we were probably going to choose the chocolate mud cake, although this new and wonderful flavour topped all other choices and fit in quite nicely with our other wedding details.

Wedding Cake Roses

On top of the cake sat beautiful roses, with a little rosette at the side, as well as roses for the champagne glasses and cutting knife (a beautiful Waterford Crystal knife given to us from my siblings as part of our wedding present).

Waterford Crystal Knife with Rose


Exquisite piping was piped around both layers of the cake to match the lace pattern on my wedding gown.

Others said the cake tasted lovely, although I didn’t think it lived up to the memory I had of it about a year ago. I’m not sure if that was due to nerves on the day, or whether the mixture cooked in a muffin tin was a bit lighter.

We still have some in the freezer, although it isn’t actually supposed to be kept for more than a few months in the freezer. So we certainly won’t be eating it for our one year anniversary! I guess this is just one of those recipes that I’ll just have to try and continue to try until I get something that will suffice.

More piping

We would like to thank our photographer Brad Young for some of the photos we’ve posted on the site. He is a fantastic photographer, both my sister and I have now used for our weddings. Friendly, professional and able to direct people, we would recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer.

Photography for our wedding (including some of the photos I’ve posted):
Brad Young
http://www.bradyoung.com.au/ [1]

Wedding Cake:
Eileen Verde
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http://www.cakedecorator.com.au/ [2]