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I’ve finally started my food blog!

I’ve wanted to start writing my own blog for some time now, after being shown a few beautiful food blogs by a friend at work. A few things have stopped me from starting, the most important was my recent wedding – which either consumed my time with organising or stressing that I should be concentrating on it, rather than spending my time writing and cooking.

So although this blog will be mainly filled with the food my husband and I will be making, I’ll also be including a few extra things like the food we are trying to grow on our balcony – very soon to be yard – plus some wedding stuff to begin with – in the hope of helping any brides in need.

As we both love photography and cooking, our combined efforts are well received by family and friends (we know we haven’t entertained as much as we’d like – but the wedding was quite consuming). Although I am still a bit picky in the food I eat, I am getting better and love trying new food that makes me go “I NEED to learn how to make that”. So I hope others can have the same enjoyment from my blog, that I have had from theirs and I hope I don’t disappoint too many of my family and friends who may have missed out on some of the lovely food.

Now to start with the blogging…

What better way to start my blog off with but the lovely food served up at our wedding. Not only was the wedding a lovely and perfect day in every way, we also hope others enjoyed the food that was served. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to test any of the food before the actual day, so we just hoped that picking food that we both liked the descriptions of, would satisfy our family and friends.

Entrée’s were served:

Three Cheese Tart, Rocket and Olive Salad with Capsicum Jam

Fettucine wrapped with Prosciutto and topped with Carbonara

For the mains we decided to go with the Beef and the Chicken (very safe, I know – but I’m extremely adventurous compared to some people we know).

Sirloin of Beef on Roasted Potatoes, Tomato, Onion, Rosemary and Garlic Compote

Seared Chicken Breast on Caramelized Pumpkin, Tomato and Spring Onion Risotto, Veal Jus

The first desert on the list sounded so pretty and seemed to link in with the themes in our wedding, that we just went with it:

Berry Ice-Cream Heart, coated in White Chocolate and served with Strawberry and Orange Compote

And being an absolute chocolate fiend I had also chosen the only desert on the menu which contained chocolate:

Chocolate Macadamia Brownie with Coconut Ice-Cream

I must say, I really did enjoy this part of the meal most. The brownie tasted fantastic and although I was squeezed into my dress and making a conscious effort to breathe (which decreased the amount of food that I could eat) I was still able to eat all of this dessert.

Tea, Coffee, Port and Chocolates were served afterwards.

And then there was cake…

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