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Gelatissimo – Flavours of the World

I was recently contacted by Gelatissimo [1], informing me of their new, limited range of gelato called: “Flavours of the World” and offering for me to try a few of the new flavours. They have a great range of gelato on offer for this promotion, from lovely refreshing fruity flavours to beautiful creamy ones.

When the samples arrived I was ecstatic to see both French Crème Brulee and American Fudge Brownie in the box and was very interested in trying the Italian Limoncello and Chinese Lychee and Coconut, as I always tend to go for the more creamy, chocolate or caramel gelatos.

Chinese Lychee and Coconut and Italian Limoncello

I got a couple more people around to try the flavours and get a better range of opinions. We started off with the Italian Limoncello, which was strongly lemon flavoured and very refreshing, which would be great either between meals as a palate cleanser or on a hot day.

Next we tried the Chinese Lychee and Coconut, which was creamy with prominent coconut flavours and a hint of lychee.

American Fudge Brownie and French Crème Brulee

The favourite from everyone was the French Crème Brulee, with lovely swirls of caramel throughout, the flavours worked nicely and would be one I would choose when out.

Photo courtesy of Gelatissimo

The American Fudge Brownie worked very well with the Crème Brulee, although we had a huge chunk of brownie, which we feel would have been better in smaller chunks and with a stronger chocolate flavour in the gelato.

Photo courtesy of Gelatissimo

Gelatissimo [1] have a whole heap of other flavours including: Swiss Toblerone, Canadian Maple and Walnut, Kiwi Hokey Pokey and Australian Honey and Macadamia along with Tahitian Coconut Cream and Lime, Carribbean Papaya and Passionfruit, Brazilian Coffee and Thai Mango and Coconut – but only for a limited time.