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Fiji – Honeymoon

After all the organising that took place with our wedding, we decided a honeymoon which had no activities planned (only flights, a nice room and buffet breakfast daily was organised) was exactly what we needed!

Midori Splice Cocktail

16 nights at the Shangri-La Fijian Resort [1]…. Lovely.
Snorkelling, swimming, visiting waterfalls, islands, drinking cocktails, having a massage, playing table tennis, reading and most importantly … relaxing.

Some of the lovely fish we saw while snorkeling

I was hoping for a bit more of a variety of food in Fiji, including a chance to try some traditional food. Unfortunately being in a resort I don’t think we experience this as much as we would have if we had gone to a smaller place. We went to both fire-walking and fire-dancing, both which served traditional foods during the entertainment. We were supposed to have a ‘lovo’ which means “earth oven”, but unfortunately the meat seemed the same as from the buffet restaurant and had likely been roasted in the oven as we could not detect any ‘smoky’ flavour, which is meant to be one of the characteristics of the traditional lovo.

A Fijian cutting down green coconuts

A coconut we found on the beach - Nick cracked it opened, over 10 minutes, then we ate it for dinner

The Buffet was great for breakfast and two nights we also chose the buffet for dinner too. They had a good range of food and a very good range of desserts, including white chocolate and dark chocolate mousse, carrot cake and chocolate cake, although obviously not as good as home-made cakes and desserts.

Italian Buffet - Nick's first plate of food

Italian Buffer - My first plate of food.... a bit of a difference from Nick's first plate

One suggestion for those thinking of going to Fiji – take your chocolate with you 🙂 …
$10 for a normal block of chocolate was too much for me to pay, although the chocolate ice-creams they had were a comparable price, so I got my chocolate fix that way (and it helped cool us down).

Array of cakes for dessert

... More cakes ...

More Dessert - White Chocolate, Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse to choose from

My choice of desserts... Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry Mousse, Slice, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate Cake